Thursday, 15 January 2015

Should A Buyer Look For An Apartment With Amenities Or Without Amenities?

When it comes to buying a residential property, most buyers want to put their best foot forward and think of investing in a property with amenities or without amenities.

Let us first discuss what are the amenities, which make life easy and lavish -
Club House Intercom facility Wi-Fi
Swimming Pool Amphitheater
Gymnasium Indoor Activities
Community Hall Outdoor Activities
Ample Parking Space Jogging Tracks
Kids' Play Area Spa Center

Is an investment in a residential property with amenities is beneficial -

First of allWhat is an amenity? An amenity is something which gives value to an apartment as well as complement it, even though some people do not use these amenities at regular basis, still they pay for it for their whole life. An apartment with amenities is a big plus for those who have a family and having amenities make life easy and comfortable. The amenities make a huge difference as it gives all the comforts of a luxury high-rise living and this luxurious advantage targets the luxury, high-end market. Amenities make life more convenient and convenience is a huge advantage when it comes to amenities, in apartments that boast of departmental store tennis court, badminton court, billiards & table tennis room, cycling trail, jogging track, gym, etc. all these can be enjoyed in the comfort of your residence. Maintenance is not a big issue as well as you do not have to search for an electrician or laundry person, it’s all available at a phone call, even an ample parking space adds huge value to the property, especially for those who own car more than one.

Investing in a residential property without amenities -

Those who are living alone, working people, bachelors, single people, old and retired couples, extra amenities do not make much sense, as they might not use them much because of lack of time or no interest regarding it, so why should such people pay for something that they might never use. Such people who are not fond of such luxurious amenities, should take care of the fact that they are well equipped with modern facilities like round the clock electricity and water supply, security system, Eco-friendly environment, etc. Also, location is the biggest advantage and the priority which you should look for rather than amenities.

At the end, it’s up to the buyers, whether they opt to live with amenities or without amenities but you should settle with the convenience of amenities.

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